Be a Mentor

The primary aim of this program is to create a personalized professional support system for interested members who face the complex challenges that arise in the field of fundraising.

The Mentorship Program will meet the unique needs of individual participants based on their professional role, level of experience, and specific goals for the program. Each mentee will work with a mentor to enhance career growth and professional satisfaction through collegial conversations related to personal values, professional experiences and aims, and career coaching.

Mentees and mentors who participate in this program agree to create a safe space that is free of judgement and discrimination against one's gender identity, race, color, age, sexual orientation, disability, and religious beliefs.

All participants will be asked for anonymous feedback throughout their mentorship that is shared with the VP of Membership.


  • Build and maintain a strong relationship with members of the AFPGV Chapter
  • Share professional and personal experiences
  • Develop leadership and communication skills
  • Enhance professional competence and confidence
  • Network with experienced colleagues in the Greater Rochester fundraising community


Jonathan Meagher-Zayas (MAH-harr-ZAH-yuhz), MSW, MPA, CFRE
Director of Community Engagement
Villa of Hope

Why did you choose to join the AFPGV Mentorship Program?

I recently moved back to the Rochester area and started my new role. I was looking for some support in navigating a new organization and reconnecting back in the community.

What example would you give of a strategy or practice you learned from your mentor or from a recent AFPGV educational event that you have recently applied in the workplace that has brought you success?

My mentor Joel has been great! We connect about every other month in person, and even more frequent via email. My role changed recently at my job, and I ended up writing my own job description. Joel was helpful by providing feedback, brainstorming some solutions, and sharing some resources. I was grateful for his help.


Roles and Guidelines

  • Develop a meeting schedule with your mentee with a minimum of four meetings during your year-long mentorship commitment
  • Generate a set of professional goals and expectations with your mentee
  • Engage in discussions that enhance professional development in pertinent areas, including examples such as communication, conflict management, problem solving, and general approach to engagement within a fundraising organization
  • Provide insight and guidance based on the specific needs and experiences of your mentee
  • Ask questions that generate reflection and afford the opportunity for development
  • Outline expectations with your mentor to guide conversation and achieved desired professional goals and growth
  • Generate a meeting schedule with your mentor with a minimum of four meetings in a year
  • Commit to actively participate in self-reflection and development throughout the program
  • Prepare questions that seek suggestions and advice
  • Must be a current AFPGV member
  • Must have at least 5 years of experience in fundraising/development
  • Must commit to a one-year mentorship with their assigned mentee (the mentorship can extend beyond one year if there is a mutual agreement between the mentor and mentee)
  • Must be a current AFPGV member
  • Must commit to a one-year mentorship with their assigned mentor


All participants must adhere to New York State COVID-19 guidelines when meeting in person. If you're ready to apply, click the button below. For all questions or inquiries on becoming a mentor or mentee, please contact Danielle Pierleoni, VP of Membership, at (585) 721-1264 or by email.