Member Spotlight: Brad Schreiber

Name: Brad Schreiber (Shry + burr)
Title: Assistant Vice President for Advancement
Organization: SUNY Brockport
Member since: 1991

How long have you been working in the fundraising profession?
January marked my 33rd year working in the fundraising/advancement field.  I am fairly unique in that I have only worked at two places in my career…my alma mater (SUNY Brockport) and 6 years at Mary Cariola Children’s Center (now Mary Cariola Center).

What do you love most about fundraising?
My greatest joy has, and continues to be, talking with donors and helping them realize their philanthropic goals.  Empowering others to be difference makers is incredibly humbling.

Why did you decide to become a mentor in the AFPGV mentorship program?
When I first started in this profession three decades ago folks like Patrick Madama (my first boss and former AFPGV President), Dan Meyers and Ellie Smith served as a mentor to me and were instrumental as I developed a passion for this work. I’m eager to share some of my passion and experience with folks new to the profession.

What do you enjoy most about being an AFPGV mentor?
I enjoy the aspect of getting to know my mentee (Tori Bothner) on a personal level almost more than ‘talking shop’. In my case, both of us took a rather unique path to the profession and sharing what we learned along the way and how that path has impacted our work, has been very special.

What example would you give of something new you learned from your mentee that has been helpful to you in your work?
Tori is relentlessly positive and embraces any challenge with the intent to meet and beat whatever lies ahead. I have learned and been reminded that you have to continue to find and pursue the positive in all situations and its often the little things that matter most!

Why is Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (I.D.E.A.) important to you and for the work we do every day as fundraising professionals?
I.D.E.A. principles are imbedded in all that we do in our work and in our lives. Differences matter and while they can be a challenge, understanding, discussing and experiencing how and why they matter is fulfilling.

What is your advice to other AFPGV members?
It would be to remember that the professional adage that no does not mean no but instead just not now is real. Be persistent, be thoughtful and be a sponge because you will learn something new each day if you are open to do so and turning a no to a yes will happen more than you think.

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