Each year our chapter participates in AFP Foundation for Philanthropy's BE the CAUSE campaign, an annual fundraising campaign that raises dollars that contribute to the value that AFP delivers to its chapters and its members. Each and every day, the important work you do makes an impact on philanthropy around the world. Together, we can empower fundraisers, strengthen communities, and transform the way donors give. Donating is quick and easy! Download a printable donation form or to donate online.

Consider becoming an Alpha Society Member today and your donation will have even more impact! Starting at just $10 per month. Download a printable pledge form or donate online.

Your investment in the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy will help support local, national, and international programs, including:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Professional Development
  • Research
  • Scholarships
Thank you to our 2022 BE the CAUSE Donors! 

Ambassador’s Club-Ruby Level ($250-$499) 
  • Jonathan James Meagher-Zayas, MPA 

Ambassador’s Club-Sapphire Level ($100-$249)

  • Daniel M. Meyers
  • Danielle Pierleoni
  • Gretchen Wood, CFRE *
  • Jared Longmore
  • Jeffrey E. Hough *
  • John C. Williams
  • Krystyna M. Staub *
  • Marlisa Post
  • Stuart Mitchell
  • Tracy H Kroft *
  • Tracy Schleyer, CFRE *

Friends of the Foundation ($50-$99) 

  • Christopher Smith
  • Dawn A.M. Stever, CFRE
  • Debra Salmon
  • Jennifer Boutte
  • Jillian Carter
  • Joel Elliot
  • Katherine Mannion
  • Kristin Cook

Blue Ribbon Donor ($1-$49)

  • Alexandra Bailey
  • Andrew Cirilo
  • Anne McKenna, CFRE
  • Bradley C. Schreiber
  • Christyn Sanagursky
  • Devan Katsof
  • Diana Palotas
  • John Palomaki
  • Karen Humbert *
  • Karen Saludo
  • Kayla Carpitella, CFRE
  • Lauren Dunkle Dlugosh
  • Marianne M. Virgilio, CFRE *
  • Mia Cannon
  • Micaela Allen
  • Rebecca Fuss
  • Scott C Benjamin
  • Tricia Marsherall
  • Whitney Brice
 * Alpha Society Members