The Association of Fundraising Professionals Genesee Valley Chapter (AFPGV) has been proud to receive the IDEA Champion Designation (formerly Friends of Diversity) each year since 2021, from AFP Global.

Our chapter embraces a broad representation of experiences, perspectives, and cultures. Inclusiveness is an essential source of vitality and fosters the unique contributions of every member of our community. The pursuit of mission for AFPGV is strengthened by including people from all cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and differing abilities in programming, events, education, and leadership.

AFPGV Strives to:

  1. Develop strategies and program resources for assisting organizations in engaging and raising philanthropic support by constituents from diverse backgrounds – specifically race, national origin, physical ability, and sexual orientation; 

  2. Create a welcoming and respectful environment that is open to all; 

  3. Expand strategies for recruiting and promoting professionals from diverse backgrounds into the fundraising field; 

  4. Assist fundraising professionals in advancing their work with diverse constituencies through education, training, and development.

(Revised 2024)

AFPGV's IDEA Statement/Commitment to IDEA:

We are committed to developing and maintaining a diverse organization that reflects, is responsive to, and embraces the diversity of the communities we serve throughout the region, respecting and valuing all people. AFPGV is committed to promoting an inclusive, equitable, and accessible organization where every member of our community can realize their potential and have their contributions valued.

As both community members and professional fundraisers with a mission to pave a better future for all, we not only have the opportunity, but the responsibility to advance IDEA throughout our lives, organizations, the philanthropic sector, and the community. We acknowledge that we have a lot of work to do, and it will be a lifelong journey; however, we hope that all of you will join us on the journey to advance IDEA within our community.

(Revised 2022)

AFPGV's Core Values:

  • Supportive of each other, fostering an inclusive culture of belonging where a diverse community of fundraisers feel safe, heard, and valued.

  • Honest and open in our communications, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and have difficult conversations.

  • Adaptive to the changing landscape of our world and fundraising. We proactively strive to include and consider the needs of fundraisers of all kinds.

  • Progressive in our thinking and relevancy of the programs and resources we provide.

  • Excellent in our work and what we offer to the community.

(Approved April 18, 2024)