Job Postings Overview

AFP Genesee Valley's Job Posting Service allows you to target your job position listing to exactly the people you want to reach: people with fundraising experience and skills.

Now Job Posting Service listings are priced at discount for AFP members and at a discount for volume postings (see pricing information below). As soon as payment is received, notification of your job posting will be emailed instantly to our entire email list. 

We are pleased to offer a multi-listing discount that will apply when 1) the same posting is re-listed after the original listing period expires, or 2) postings for multiple positions are listed within a 10-day period. A multi-posting discount coupon can be requested by sending an email message to [email protected]. Following are the listing rates:


AFP Members
1st posting: $300
2nd–4th posting: $250 each
5th–9th posting: $200 each

1st posting: $365
2nd–4th posting: $340
each 5th–9th posting: $290 each

Member or Non-Member Using a Professional Recruiter
A professional recruiter can use the AFP Job Posting Service on behalf of their client. The recruiter gets the same pricing, discounts, and services as previously described for the member or non-member.

Please Note

  • All postings are “self-serve.” If the AFP Office assists you, there is an additional fee of $50 added to all pricing categories.
  • All postings stay on AFP Genesee Valley website for 60 days.
  • Postings can be renewed for another fee (please see above for rates after 1st posting).
  • Postings can be cancelled prior to 60 days if the position is filled. There are no pro-rated refunds.
  • Now there is increased exposure since postings are now available to all job seekers and not just members of AFPGV.
  • To remain in line with AFP’s work in the diversity, inclusion and equity space we will now require salary ranges for all job postings.
  • By submitting a job posting position on the AFPGV website, you agree that the job adheres to the AFP Code of Ethical Principles and Standards.
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