AFPGV’s Identity-Based Affinity Groups

The Association of Fundraising Professionals, Genesee Valley Chapter is excited to announce the launch of 6 Identity-Based Affinity Groups. Affinity groups provide safe spaces for fundraising professionals with shared identities to connect with each other, share resources, and provide each other support. These groups will be only for people who identify within these identities. All of our affinity groups are open to both members and non-members.

Each group is led by volunteer facilitators with that specific identity. The facilitators organize group meetups, facilitate meetings, and answer questions about resources for the group. Below you will find a current list of the facilitators for each affinity group:

Black/African American
Facilitators - Confirming and will be announced soon! 
People with Disabilities 
Faith-Based Affinity Group (People who identify as a Person of Faith)
Working Parents

*Interim facilitators - reach out if you are interested in being the next facilitator! 

All affinity group meetups can be found on the Upcoming Events and Programs page

If you have any questions about these affinity groups, please reach directly out to the facilitators for each group. For questions related to becoming a facilitator, creating a new group, or other overall topics, please reach out to Jonathan Meagher-Zayas at [email protected].