Member Spotlight
Mentee Spotlight: Krystal Bertrand


Krystal Bertrand (kris-tull bur-tr-and)
Development Officer
Telesca Center for Justice
How long have you been working in the fundraising profession?

7 years, the earliest years focused in grant administration (writing/editing, pre and post award management, and reporting)
What do you love most about fundraising?
The opportunity to share the impact of incredible organizations in our community that are not only addressing the symptoms of, but actively working to correct and improve systemic issues.
Why did you decide to join AFPGV and participate in the mentorship program?
AFPGV creates an incredible opportunity to connect with colleagues in this niche of fundraising and development, and there is so much we can learn from each other. I didn’t want to miss out!
As someone who cringes at the idea of traditional networking (a crowded room of almost-strangers who want to connect but aren’t sure where to start) the mentorship program felt like a welcome -low pressure- opportunity to build a connection with a more tenured colleague.
What do you enjoy most about being an AFPGV member?
Being part of a community of folks supporting the work of organizations seeking to make the greater Rochester area a better more welcoming place for all.
What example would you give of a strategy or practice you learned from your mentor that you have recently applied in the workplace that has brought you success?
I recently took on a role that pulls me out of my comfort zone, and the encouragement my mentor provided has been invaluable. We’ve discussed projects and opportunities, how to thoughtfully communicate, and shared countless other best practices and resources.
Why is Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (I.D.E.A.) important to you and for the work we do every day as fundraising professionals?
When folks with broad ranges of backgrounds and experiences come together and feel they can show up as their full selves, in a space that feels safe for all, our potential is limitless. And, creating that safe space -truly creating a safe space- requires reflective and often difficult conversations. Embedding the principals of IDEA in my little sphere of influence while doing my own reflecting and learning, feels vital to creating a lasting space where all feel welcome to show up as their full selves.
What is your advice to other AFPGV members?
When you’re ready, dive in! If the idea of networking feels daunting, and even if not, check out one of the AFPGV’s many budding affinity groups or become a mentee/mentor.
Member Spotlight: Dr. Myra Henry

Name: Dr. Myra Henry (MY-RA)
Title: President & CEO
Organization: YWCA Rochester & Monroe County
Member since: 2022

Member Spotlight: Victoria Bothner

Name: Victoria (Tori) Bothner (She/her)
Title: Assistant Director of Advancement and College Athletics
Organization: University of Rochester
Member since: 2021

Member Spotlight: Samantha Barniak

Name: Samantha Barniak
Title: Senior Development Coordinator 
Organization: Open Door Mission
Member since: 2022

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