Member Spotlight: Yukali Okkotsu
How long have you been working in the fundraising profession?

Almost 7 months.

What do you love most about fundraising?

I love being able to use my creativity and organizational passions to ensure successful fundraising efforts and making an impact in my community. It also challenges me in a way that is exciting. 


Why did you decide to join AFPGV? 

It’s a great resource as a new fundraising professional. Networking and attending events were something I wanted to do to gain more knowledge about the different areas of fundraising.


What do you enjoy most about being an AFPGV member?  

The community! Everyone I have met is so sweet and willing to offer a hand or connect me to someone who has the insight I am looking for.


What example would you give of a strategy or practice you learned from a fellow AFPGV member or a recent AFPGV educational event that you have recently applied in the workplace that has brought you success? 

To lean in- reaching out to your connections and sharing stories. Sharing stories is what helps organizations succeed. While statistics are powerful, the story of one person touches more people in a deeper way. 


Why is Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (I.D.E.A.) important to you and for the work we do every day as fundraising professionals? 

I.D.E.A. is critical to helping us understand the needs of our community. The intersectional lives we live and bring to the table allows us to strengthen our community as a whole


What is your advice to other AFPGV members? 

Utilize the resources that are so readily available for us and always ask questions! 

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