Mentorship Program


The purpose of this program is to create an intentional space for fundraising professionals at any stage in their career to build a mutually beneficial relationship with their mentor or mentee. Both parties will seek to share ideas and constructive feedback free of judgment. AFPGV believes mentorship and life-long learning are key components to one’s success—helping to build more confident, ethical and community-minded development leaders in the workforce.


The AFPGV Mentorship program is valuable not just for people who are new to fundraising, but also anyone who is perhaps considering a change in their role, the type of fundraising field they want to work in, or who are generally looking to share ideas with other fundraisers in a safe space. The average AFPGV mentor has over 15 years of development experience and a strong network of peers in the Rochester area and beyond.

The AFPGV Mentorship Coordinator will pair mentees and mentors based on their professional experience, goals and interests. Once paired, participants are expected to meet regularly for a minimum of four meetings over one year. In our experience, successful mentorship often results in long-term friendships built on mutual trust and respect.

All participants will be asked for confidential feedback throughout their partnership that is shared with the VP of Membership.Mentorship program applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


  • Build and maintain a strong relationship with members of the AFPGV Chapter
  • Share professional and personal experiences
  • Develop leadership and communication skills
  • Enhance professional competence and confidence
  • Network with experienced colleagues in the Greater Rochester fundraising community


Krystal Bertrand (kris-tull bur-tr-and) she/her

Development Officer
Telesca Center for Justice
Why did you decide to join AFPGV and participate in the mentorship program?
AFPGV creates an incredible opportunity to connect with colleagues in this niche of fundraising and development, and there is so much we can learn from each other. I didn’t want to miss out!
As someone who cringes at the idea of traditional networking (a crowded room of almost-strangers who want to connect but aren’t sure where to start) the mentorship program felt like a welcome -low pressure- opportunity to build a connection with a more tenured colleague.
What example would you give of a strategy or practice you learned from your mentor that you have recently applied in the workplace that has brought you success?
I recently took on a role that pulls me out of my comfort zone, and the encouragement my mentor provided has been invaluable. We’ve discussed projects and opportunities, how to thoughtfully communicate, and shared countless other best practices and resources.
What is your advice to other AFPGV members?
When you’re ready, dive in! If the idea of networking feels daunting, and even if not, check out one of the AFPGV’s many budding affinity groups or become a mentee/mentor. 


Roles and Guidelines

  • Follow the meeting schedule you create with your mentee with a minimum of four meetings during your year-long mentorship commitment
  • Generate a set of professional goals and expectations with your mentee
  • Engage in discussions that enhance professional development in pertinent areas, including examples such as communication, conflict management, problem solving, negotiation, and fundraising best practices
  •  Provide insight and guidance based on the specific needs and experiences of your mentee
  • Ask questions that generate reflection and afford the opportunity for development
  • Outline expectations with your mentor to guide conversation and achieved desired professional goals and growth
  • Develop a meeting schedule with your mentor with a minimum of four meetings in a year
  • Commit to actively participate in self-reflection and development throughout the program
  • Prepare questions that seek suggestions and advice
  • Current AFPGV membership is expected for participants
  • Former long-time AFPGV members and volunteers will be considered for mentor roles
  • Must commit to one year of involvement in the program as a mentor or mentee
  • Mentors should have at least 7 years of experience in fundraising/development
  •  Participants agree to create a safe space that is free of judgment and discrimination against one's gender identity, race, color, age, sexual orientation, disability, and religious beliefs
  • Participants will show up to scheduled meetings on time or provide notice to their mentor or mentee in advance of meetings if a conflict arises

If you're ready to apply, click the button below. For all questions or inquiries on becoming a mentor or mentee, please contact Alexandra Bailey at (585) 519-9224 or by email.