Mentorship Program

AFPGV’s Mentorship Program was created to provide an opportunity for new fundraisers to receive 1-on-1 support and guidance from seasoned fundraising professionals. This one-year mentorship commitment is intended to be mutually beneficial for both the mentee and mentor.
We encourage not only new fundraising professionals to register to become mentees but also our seasoned AFPGV members with five or more years of development experience to become mentors. Your expertise is needed to guide new members through their journey into the fundraising profession. These meaningful connections with peers are essential to the success of fundraisers and to our Chapter as a whole.


The AFPGV Chapter’s Mentorship Program is intended to help members, particularly members who are new to the fundraising field, transition into their new role by meeting regularly with a seasoned AFPGV member (fundraising professional) who will serve as their mentor.

The AFPGV Membership Committee will pair mentees with mentors and oversee the program. There will be a limit to one mentee assigned to each mentor to ensure feasibility.

An AFPGV Membership Committee member will check-in with the mentors and mentees on a quarterly basis to see how the program is going. Constructive feedback is important to ensure the program is valuable to both parties.


  • Build and maintain a strong relationship with the AFPGV Chapter
  • Build your network within the Greater Rochester fundraising community
  • Share professional and personal experience
  • Develop skills in leadership and communication
  • Build confidence and self-esteem Roles and Guidelines

Roles and Guidelines

  • Interact with your mentee in person (adhering to New York State COVID-19 guidelines), virtually, or over the phone at least once every three months for a minimum of one year
  • Encourage and support mentee
  • Guide mentee to set realistic goals
  • Provide insight and direction based off of knowledge and experience
  • Respond to mentee within a reasonable timeframe
  • Establish boundaries (avoid a consultant-client relationship
  • Provide feedback
  • Contact mentor to schedule in-person (must adhere to New York State COVID-19 guidelines), virtual or phone meetings
  • Commit to actively participate in self-reflection and self-development
  • Be respectful to mentor and time
  • Be open to suggestions and advice from mentor
  • Be prepared and engaged
  • Be responsive to mentor within a reasonable timeframe
  • Set clear and realistic goals
  • Honor commitments
  •  Must be a current AFPGV member
  • Must have at least 5 years of experience in fundraising/development
  • Must commit to a one-year mentorship with their assigned mentee (the mentorship can extend beyond one year if there is a mutual agreement between the mentor and mentee)
  •  Must be a current AFPGV member
  • Must commit to a one-year mentorship with their assigned mentor
  • Must initiate and schedule meetings with their assigned mentor


If you're ready to apply, click the button below. For all questions or inquiries on becoming a mentor or mentee, please contact Danielle Pierleoni, AFPGV Membership Committee Co-Chair, at (585) 784-6377 or by email.